Living Social, you clever bastard


In my email this morning: 


Can this be considered subterfuge marketing?


You scream, I scream …

Websites do not need holidays off

Except for iTunes Connect, apparently, YOU BUMS.

Sorry We're Closed

Charming error messages are still error messages

Crazy baby chickens, I found your sister

Chickens from CuteOverload

Chickens from CuteOverload

Style Chicken!

Style Chicken!

Thanks to @ldbahr for linking to the slideshow.

Thanks to salespeople for driving me to CuteOverload for therapy.

Good teamwork!

True Blood Haters Gonna Hate

Last night was one of True Blood‘s best episodes in quite some time, and for some reason my Atlantic post is getting comments from DETRACTORS.  One says she hopes I one day get a life (thanks, doll), the other is shocked — shocked! — that adults watch this show.  First off, let me say I’d be far more shocked if children were watching it.

Secondly, shut up. shows its limits


Discounts, ur doing it wrong

See, look, my merchandise total is more than $150!  Why won’t you give me the $50 discount you promise RIGHT THERE?  Arghghghg.  And there’s no customer service email, you want me to CALL?  Not only does that require icky human interaction, then all my coworkers would know I’m slackering.  Boo hiss!

True Blood Bloody Ick

My latest True Blood recap is up, and I’m bitter at HBO for making me write it.  Reader, I love the show!  But the rapey murder perv-titillation scene at the end was just not cool.

Also, why does everything bad always happen to Tara?  Not the rapey murderish scene, of course, but she spends half her time getting hypnotized by evil beings in various forms, and the other half getting her heart broken by serial murderer boyfriends or her alcoholic mother (they alternate).  Give the poor girl a break!